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Arena point sell post 2.4 in Season 4

Zach Yonzon

It used to be that selling Arena points was a very profitable venture. In Patch 2.4, however, Blizzard introduced a new mechanic designed to curb Arena point selling -- something they had previously declared to be perfectly compliant with their Terms of Use. Players now need to have their personal ratings within 150 points of the team ratings, otherwise they will earn Arena points based on their personal ratings rather than the higher team rating. This put an end to high rated teams selling spots on their roster for easy Arena points.

The new mechanic has given rise to a new form of Arena point selling, however -- mercenaries for hire. Many players who aren't after end-of-season rewards have used their PvP skills to earn a bit of Gold on the side by instead joining low-rated teams in need of a little push. Most of these players have already gotten full Season 3 gear and have no use for personal or team ratings and Arena points. With the onset of Arena Season 4, which is slated to begin on June 24, it might happen that we'll see a few of these mercenaries peddling their services all over again.

With the new personal ratings requirements for Brutal Gladiator items, players will need to work a little harder to get the latest PvP gear. For some players, this means looking to swords-for-hire (or axes-, or daggers-, or spells-...) for help. It's actually more profitable for seasoned Arena player in the new scheme of things, as they no longer need to maintain a high-ranked team and no longer limited to taking on a few customers at a time for the minimum three games (out of requisite ten). Arena mercenaries (or usually a pair) can simply hop from team to team helping raise players' personal ratings. With a modest 1700 personal rating the only requirement to get 4/5 Brutal Gladiator, it seems that PvP progression will finally catch up to PvE progression. With a little help for some, of course.

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