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Blackstar and the importance of narrative design


This year's ION Game Conference hosted a great cross-section of the finest minds in gaming, both industry veterans and up-and-coming developers. Among the latter was Spacetime Studios' Brandon Reinhart, Lead Designer for Blackstar, an MMO that's currently on our Droolworthy List.

In Brandon's talk, entitled "Narrative Design for MMOs: Using Storytelling to Craft and Convey Vision", he applied the old maxim "Show, don't tell" to his own lecture and explained not only how to craft engaging narratives in a game, but also why doing so is important. Using his two laws of visionary design, three tools for promoting narrative design, and the Great Law of Conveying Vision, the designer didn't just make his thoughts plain, but also made us even more eager to see what Blackstar will eventually turn out to be.

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