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Bushnell is 'thrilled' to be played by DiCaprio

Justin McElroy

Direct from our always hefty "Yeah, No Kidding" file, MTV Multiplayer was told last night by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell that he was "very thrilled and honored" to be portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in an upcoming biopic. Yeah Nolan, no kidding.

What we're sure is not quite as thrilling to Bushnell is the fact that it's currently unclear to what extent present-day Atari will let their property (like the three-pronged logo) be used. We're hopeful that the company will play ball if they throw Phil Harrison a bit role. (A Brit as a villainous Ralph Baer? You heard it here first.)

[Update: We've got Fernando's awesome take on Phil as Ralph right after the break!]

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