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Game inFORMER covers inFAMOUS


First unveiled during Sony's E3 keynote nearly a year ago, Sucker Punch's inFAMOUS has done a good job of keeping entirely off the radar, despite a knockout trailer (found after the break) that left us wanting more. Well, "more" has come ... in the form of Game Informer's latest cover story, the details of which have begun popping up on message boards and in our inbox.

According to GI's write-up, the game focuses on a protagonist named Dylan who possesses super powers. (In his case, the ability to fire off electric bolts all Zeus-like.) inFAMOUS begins with a literal "bang," with Empire City – the game's setting – descending into chaos following an explosion, a plague, government quarantine, and the rise of street gangs. So far, a definite far cry from Sucker Punch's previous creation for Sony, Sly Cooper.

Beyond Dylan's abilities, which also to include running up walls and leaping across rooftops, the core of the game looks to revolve around whether players will choose to use his powers for good ... or not-so-good. As the article explains, players can zap enemies to death or simply use Dylan's "gift" to impede them (by blowing up nearby objects and the like). Dylan can't use guns, according to GI's report, since the electric charge he gives off would cause the bullets to explode in the chamber of the gun.

GI goes on to mention that Empire City is an "open world," but the game relies on scripted events rather than markers or icons to guide players. An example is given where Dylan must disarm a bomb, but is faced with the decision of being a good guy or wasting precious time when he encounters and injured civilian en route. The article states that the way players treat civilians will affect their feelings about Dylan; help them, they'll help you; hurt them, they'll try and return the favor.

With the promise of other super-human characters to battle and a gameworld where every players decision changes the ultimate outcome, inFAMOUS continues to sound more and more inTRIGUING.

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