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Handmade cases for adult sensibilities, wallets

Eric Caoili

Staana Studios has added a new line of chic system pouches and cart cases to its online store, available in both horizontal and vertical designs. Each product features a snap closure, "fluffy gauze padding," compartments for storing 2-4 game carts, and a handle fashioned from a strip of leather.

Since each item is handmade, Staana Studios also offers to create cases based on your color specifications. That sort of service comes at a cost, however, as the DS Lite pouches and game cart cases are priced respectively at ¥3,200 (approx. $29) and ¥1,200 (approx. $11), which doesn't include overseas shipping. Pricey, but think about how much better it will look than your Thrustmaster T-Packs!


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