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HP goes wild: 16 new business / consumer laptop models

Darren Murph

Over at HP's Connecting Your World event, there's a lot more to see than a new color-critical display and ultrathin all-in-one PC. More specifically, the outfit has rolled out 16 new laptop models, so we'll just cut right to it. Up first is the business-centric EliteBook premium series, which now arrives in a new slate of sizes and configurations. You'll also find a new selection of Pavilion Entertainment notebooks (dv4, dv5 and dv7) with ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection, and there's even a few HP Compaq Presarios (CQ45, CQ40 and CQ50) out there with a fresh "industrial design and HP Imprint 2 surface finish." As you can imagine, there's far too many hardware specifications to cover in this space, so bury your face in the read link for more details on the whole July-bound lot.

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