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Infinite Undiscovery unreleased in Europe until Sept. 5


Well, apparently there were some minor caveats to Square Enix's trumpeted "worldwide release" for Infinite Undiscovery on September 2. You see, by "worldwide," the publisher actually meant "Americawide," but since this could likely be interpreted as some sort of critique against the continent's expanding obesity problem, it was better to just pretend that September 2, September 5 and September 11 all sort of vaguely fall in the same calender square.

As announced at a recent press conference in Japan (via 1UP's liveblog), these are the slightly staggered ship dates for tri-Ace's Xbox 360 RPG:
  • North America: Sept. 2
  • Europe: Sept. 5
  • Japan: Sept. 11
Though we like to tease, we're very impressed that Square Enix, known for excruciating localization delays between releases, is stepping up its global game.

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