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Video: Voodoo floats 13.3-inch Envy 133 into the Air


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Oh my. First you're slicing cake with the MacBook Air, then you're looking to steal its market share. Lenovo, you can't afford to be too smug either. Voodoo's $2,099, carbon fiber Envy 133 isn't a gaming rig. It is, however, a 13.3-inch ultra-portable with LED-backlit display, 1,280 x 800 resolution, Intel GMA X3100 graphics, 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SP7700 processor, HDMI, 2x USB (1 doubles as eSATA) and hard disk or SSD option. It also features an instant-on Voodoo IOS mode that lets you surf the web, chat, look at photos, and make Skype calls without booting into Windows. Impressed yet? Well what if we told you that the power brick (and it's definitely a brick!) doubles as a WiFi access point? Check the preview just beyond the read link, or full video explanation after the break.

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