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WoW Moviewatch: Ahn'Qiraj, The Movie

Moo Money

After seeing Baron Soosdon's Blackwing Lair video a few days ago, Durendul was reminded of a favorite video of his that featured Ahn'Qiraj. Coming in at 22 minutes of pure action, if you're into artistic PvE machinima, you'll enjoy this. Created by Jack Hunt two years ago, we couldn't find any other linkable video for it besides one on YouTube, so we'll link to his Warcraftmovies page as well.

However, the soundtrack may make you laugh. I've never seen a more diverse selection in the same machinima video. It has the opening theme from Prison Break, Linkin Park, Hans Zimmer, Coldplay, LotR music, Paul Oakenfold, and some Mariah Carey for good measure.

[Thanks, Durendul!]

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