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Age of Conan Dev goes on berserk question-answering rampage

Adrian Bott

What was in LordOrion's coffee this morning? The FunCom developer began by making two parallel threads on the Age of Conan forums, one on the US forums and one on the EU. Each one was a 'leak', with the EU getting a preview of PvP gear, and the US getting an image of what looked like a dungeon of some sort, with no further hints as to what it might be.

That done, he began to answer direct questions. The players on both sides of the Atlantic wasted no time in firing them off, while expressing their gratitude (and disbelief) that FunCom was actually talking to them for a change. Now that the flurry of posts has died down, we've collated all the new information from both sides, presented in interview format and edited for relevance and context.

severity3: When can we take part in sieges, realistically?

Ah, but that's such a boring answer. In short: soon. There is nothing preventing a siege taking place now, it's just that no one has built a tier 3 city yet. Once that happens you will start seeing battlekeeps pop up, and that means sieging will start soon after.

severity3: Well played orion. You ignored the fact that you can't realistically build a t3 city. I don't blame you though, and I'm not mad.

That is correct, there is a bug that prevents you from building a tier three city right now. However, I just talked to the designer working on this and the fix for this should be in the next patch or the one after that.

No promises, but that's what we aim for.

ruktuim: Do you plain to implement a "Jail system" to AoC?

There are no plans for a jail system.

Frogs99: Hmmm..the jail system for high levels repeatly ganking grey players was announced before and the subject of much debate here on the boards. Will another system be taking its place eventually?

Yes, there is a system taking its place. Keep you eyes open for more info very soon on that. VERY soon.

ruktuim: Can you give us any details on the specifics of the PvP system and what it entails?

No, this will be revealed on Friday.

ruktuim: Is crafting going to be revamped?

We will be enhancing it, yes.

ruktuim: Are Feat problems being worked on?

We are working on all problems.

ruktuim: Will quests be added for 60 - 80 level range?

Yes, actually quite soon.

derka: Are stat points such as strength and dexterity currently working as intended?

No, they are not working as intended right now. This will be fixed either in the next update or in one following soon after. We are on top of it, and I just discussed this with our senior designer.

LordOrion also gave an indication of when players can expect more information:

Now, our aim is to have one large announcement every month (newsletter, basically) where we tell you about what is going to happen in the future. We will also try and answer some questions on a weekly basis once we get settled a bit and this first month after launch is over.

Trust me -- we really want to keep you as close as we can!

Whether this was planned in advance, or was just the spontaneous question and answer session it appeared to be, doesn't really matter. What matters is that LordOrion has done a lot of good here, upping FunCom's PR score singlehandedly in the space of about an hour. And we're even more excited to see what's going to be unveiled on Friday.

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