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Apple's worst logo ever?


I'm eager to test out Apple's upcoming MobileMe service, the .Mac replacement scheduled to launch in a few weeks. Unfortunately for many, my enthusiasm is matched by disdain for the MobileMe logo.

Gawker says " should be on a package of Japanese soap." Paul Thurrott notices a similarity between MobileMe and Microsoft WindowsME and Manhattan Offender asks flat-out: "Is 'MobileMe' the worst logo in the history of Mac?"

First of all, Manhattan Offender, Apple is the company that produced MobileMe and its graphic representation, not "Mac."

Remember, Apple is pushing this (get it?) as "Exchange for the rest of us." It's not a corporate product, but a consumer service with corporate-like features. We think the logo is airy and fun.

What's your take? Decent enough or utter garbage?

[Via Geek & Mild]

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