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The Conduit really connects with the Wii

Phil Larsen

Expressing interest for The Conduit is good for the Wii. Why, it's even good for gaming in general. The latest press release from High Voltage Software describes the vision for this unique shooter, and CCO Eric Nofsinger is going right against the grain, saying "Too many Wii owners have been told that the Wii is a casual platform with no room for serious games or top-tier graphics."

That statement gets our hopes up for the exact opposite of everyone's favorite Wii word -- shovelware. The Conduit looks to be entirely original and crafted with the utmost care, as evidenced by the gorgeous trailer, drooled over by many. Nofsinger wants to avoid the casual stigma entirely, "by providing gamers with the kind of title they imagined back when the platform was first announced."

Best of all, the release window has been confirmed for Q1 2009. That's less than one year, which is practically heaven considering some developers often jump the gun and leave us hanging with their tantalizing announcements.

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