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Turbine still playing cagey over DDO console version


First floated yesterday, the rumor that Dungeons and Dragons Online was going to be ported to consoles is still flopping around, gasping for breath, yet not entirely dead. According to an article on the Crispy Gamer site, Turbine Communications Director Adam Mersky has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor. He only states that they are working on a console title, whose announcement will come later this year.

Though the article seems to take it as read that DDO is not console-bound, Mersky's comment was not a flat denial, meaning that there is still a possibility that the franchise could find a home on one of the next-gen systems. Is this something that would be of interest? Would the console version's players be able to play against the PC version's players? Time will tell, and once it's been announced, so will we!

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