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Age of Conan: mostly armless

James Egan

Damion Schubert, a long-time game developer, runs a personal website called Zen of Design, where he tackles any number of issues in MMO design. Sometimes, though, he just throws out random bits of goodness like this Age of Conan experience:

Tonight in Age of Conan, someone jumped me while i was doing something else, then proceeded to perform a fatality on me. It was one I hadn't seen before, and it involved him chopping off my arms, then chopping off my head. Which is cool and all, but after I respawned, I didn't have any arms. It was a purely visual bug - I could still fight and quest and whatnot. Still, I spent the next hour trying to find out which animations looked goofiest with stubs cut off at the elbow (dancing is good, stealth is better). Unfortunately, it was only an error on my screen, which meant that me screaming 'It's only a flesh wound!' in town probably made little sense to those who passed by.

Given how new Age of Conan is, bugs and glitches like this are likely to keep turning up. Has anything similar, or funnier, happened to you in Age of Conan?

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