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Music Monstars going on a world tour?


JoWood has announced a deal with German publisher Tivola, in which JoWood will publish the company's titles in "North America, South America, Spain, Portugal and India." Tivola's DS lineup is an assortment of the kind of children's games that get mocked relentlessly, with one exception: the surprisingly awesome-looking Music Monstars, which the company is releasing on August 21.

There's no specific announcement about Music Monstars -- in fact, JoWood's press release emphasizes "well-known licenses" and "significant educational content." Music Monstars might count as educational, but it's not really an identifiable license! Still, if JoWood plans to localize any of Tivola's games, we would be really happy if they chose the really cool one.

[Via La Gran N]

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