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New Final Fantasy XI update drops big changes into Vana'diel

Michael Zenke

The much-anticipated June update to Final Fantasy XI is finally here! It dropped live onto servers just yesterday, and the official FFXI site is now offering a detailed guide to every little patch note. If you've been following along on Massively you probably already know about some of the highlights. Additions like the new Legendary Weapons, tweaks to Einherjar, and perhaps even new varieties of Chocobo are all in the offing.

The extensive patch notes are available on the official site, and cover all of these subjects ... along with much, much more. This is a huge refresh for the game and includes numerous tweaks to quality of life components. We'll be sure to keep you appraised as player reaction to the changes starts to become apparent.

In the meantime, have you had a chance to check out the changes? Any thoughts?

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