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Paladin offers gold for public service


WoW players have been known to spend quite a bit time donating to charity. Salahdin of Underscore on Lothar has come up with a unique way to encourage that public service. Though he doesn't outright say he's suffering from pre-expansion burnout, Salahdin does say that he doesn't play like he used to. And, he's got extra gold sitting around.

With that in mind, Salahdin found a unique thing to do with it. He challenges folks to get a picture of themselves doing charitable service to others. If you can't get a picture, write a 100 word essay about what you did. Post it to the forum, and he'll reward you 100 gold in game. His premise is that instead of grinding gold for an hour, he's paying you to do something good for the world.

It's a dang impressive idea, and I wish I had the extra cash around to do it myself. While the cynic in me worries that this might not be for real, the starry-eyed optimist is grateful to see a little goodness from this little corner of the world. I hope he gets a lot of people taking him up on his offer.

[Thanks, Abdul!]

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