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Peter Moore to get more ink if EA Sports misses mark

Justin McElroy

There are tattoos you regret, and tattoos you love forever. Our Eight Days tattoo now seems remarkably short-sighted, and we wish we had waited on our Duke Nukem Forever tattoo, if only so we could avoid paying to have it touched up every few years. But we think Peter Moore's Halo 2 tattoo was a solid choice all around. It put him on the map as a personality and was a great bit of promotion for the game. Now, after leaving Microsoft for EA Sports, P-Moore is talking about a repeat performance.

"We're hitting this season in terms of quality and innovation stronger than we ever have at EA Sports," he writes on his blog. "If I'm wrong, you'll see me sporting a new tattoo - maybe a competitor's logo?" As much as we love Pete, we know it's an empty threat. 1. We're assuming the decision of how innovative EA has been will fall to him and 2. Exactly what competitor will be left to get a tattoo of at the end of the year?

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