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Sony Ericsson F305 concept leaves little to the imagination for June 17 event

Chris Ziegler

With the Paris, Shiho, Alicia, BeiBei, and this F305 all seemingly scooped at this point, what else could Sony Ericsson possibly have up its sleeve for its big event next Tuesday? Odds are they don't have much left in the tank -- but with the breadth of models expected on the stage, that's not necessarily a bad thing. What you see here isn't an actual picture of the F305, but the concept sketch is said to represent "80%" of what the actual device will look like, a gaming-focused low to mid-end slider with an FM radio and stereo speakers. There's more interesting hardware undoubtedly dropping on the 17th that'll more desperately deserve our attention, sure, but as cheap sliders go, this could be a winner. See what we did there? It's a gaming handset. You know, "winner." Never mind.

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