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The Daily Grind: Planning to attend any conventions?

Tis the season to be traveling! As the summer ramps up, more and more companies are planning different outings and fan events. Blizzard has announced that not only will they have their (now sold-out) Worldwide Invitational in Paris, but also will be hosting another Blizzcon this October. Sony Online Entertainment has announced the next in a long line of highly successful Fan Faires coming to Vegas this August. CCP is expected to host yet another "party at the top of the world" as their EVE Online fan fair returns this year. Funcom will have a great showing as part of the MMO track at Dragon*Con where they've been partying with fans for years. And who can forget all the gaming goodness that goes on at PAX, GenCon, and other related conventions happening all around the world!

For today's Daily Grind, we thought we'd ask you what kind of plans you have for traveling this year? Are there any conventions that are absolutely must-see events for you? Which events, if any, are you excited to check out? And if it's a general event like Dragon*Con or PAX, what are your "must see" games while you're there?

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