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Wario Land Shake sees an old favorite return


Scans of Famitsu's Wario Land Shake preview just hit the 'net, and although we've already seen most of the screens and art they contain (in various dimensions), there is the odd new screenshot to squint at, not to mention a synopsis of the story, which has been handily translated by a Something Awful forum member.

Usually, we wouldn't even glance twice at a storyline from a Wario game, but Shake's narrative deserves a mention simply because it features the extremely welcome return of Captain Syrup, last seen pinching Wario's loot in Wario Land II for the Game Boy Color (over a decade ago, and yes, that makes us feel old).

She's not the villain this time, however; instead, that role has been left to another pirate, Shay King (har), who invades the world of Yuretopia to nab its legendary "Deldel Purse" treasure. It's up to our dungaree-sporting anti-hero to take on Shay King and grab a slice of coin for himself.

[Thanks, creamsugar! Story translation via NeoGAF]

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