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Wii Fanboy presents: Game Night [update 2]


Update: The staff have left the Game Night chat, though there were some folks in there still playing when we said goodbye. So, head on in and check it out. If not, see you next week.

Ah, Thursday. You know what that means? It means we finally get a break from all of the work so that we may site down and enjoy some games with our friends in the community (that's you, the person reading this right now). What should we play tonight? The choices, there are so many!

If you're new to the whole thing, then get schooled. If you've attended Game Night in the past and decided to drop out, we ask you give it one more chance. If you never attended, it's easy! Just come back to the site at 7pm ET tonight and you'll find this post at the top of the page, with a line of huge bold text that links to the chat room.

We hope to see you there!

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