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Age of Conan newsletter previews new PvP, dungeons, and dancing!

Michael Zenke

It's only been a short time since Age of Conan launched, but it has already seen some troubles. The newest edition of the game newsletter hints that good times are just over the horizon. Above and beyond bug fixing and regular patches, Funcom has announced they have a slew of new concepts and content ideas on the stove. Here are the highlights from the newsletter:
  • Game director Gaute Godager answers a few questions we haven't seen addressed anywhere else. Primarily involving guild systems and tradeskilling, the quickie Q&A shouldn't take you long to read.
  • The team is introducing a sort of alternate advancement system they're calling Power Points. Points are similar to but not exactly like the "AAs" from games like EQ. You'll earn them just by having an open account, and it sounds like down the road new content will drop specifically for characters with enought PP.
  • A number of changes to guilds, guild housing, and the introduction of guild alliances are all discussed on the official site.
  • The newsletter goes back over all the patches they've dropped since launch, particularly noting the addition of unique dances for each race.
  • Funcom is completely revamping Age of Conan's PvP. They're adding PvP-specific leveling, consequences in the form of the 'fugitive system', and a number of tweaks and changes to the art of player on player war.
  • A number of quests past level 20 are getting voice over elements added in. The website lists every one they're working on, and in total this forms a specific storyline the developers want you to be sure to follow.
  • A better interface for chat and guild management will soon be available.
  • The Pyramid of the Ancients and Treasury of the Ancients in Khopshef Province will be getting bottom-to-top revamps.
  • A whole new dungeon will be added to Thunder River. No firm details, but they did release some concept art - the same art that was 'leaked' to the US forums earlier this week.
  • They're also planning an all new outdoor area called Ymir's Pass, which plans to fill a few holes in late-game leveling.
Make sure to check out the newsletter for full details.

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