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Forum post of the day: Arena Leagues

Amanda Dean

We all know that it can be hard for new level 70 characters to break into the arena. Many people start out playing their 10 games a week in order to scrounge up arena points for their first PvP pieces. Welfare epics? Maybe, but having decent gear makes it easier for many players to progress. It make some time for players to really learn to play their classes in a competitive PvP setting. Despite their best efforts, Blizzard has largely failed at fixing problems in the arenas.

Cyrse of Farstriders suggested the creation of a minor league arena with reduced rewards to help players get their feet wet in PvP. The oginal poster listed several advantages of such a system. A minor league for PvP might discourage point and team selling, which despite Blizzard's efforts is persistent in the arena. It would also allow elite players to only be bracketed with folks who give them more of a challenge.

There would be disadvantages to such a system. The Cyrse mentioned that it would create of smaller pool of players in each arena league and it would require the development of a new system of arena reqards. Other flaws mentioned by responders included the idea that players would most likely to get grief from more skilled/better geared players. Players might also miss out by not being able to enjoy PvP with their friends at different levels, then again, you can't turn Level 70 and immediately expect to be invited to a Black Temple Raid.

Back in my Utopia days, there were two worlds available, the World of Legends and the Battlefields. World of Legends was a more relaxed play where many people started and then they would be moved up to the Battlefields if their kingdom was among the top finishers. I could see something similar happening in arenas. I hate to see players driven off from PvP because of the perception of futility.

Some posters mentioned that ratings below 1500 qualify as the minor leagues. I know that a lot of our readers avoid the arenas altogether. If there was a more training-oriented option for the arenas, would you consider it? And for readers that love the arenas, would the concept of leagues appeal to you?

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