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Motorola gets into biometrics, touch control with new patents


What do you do as a handset maker when your design team can't get past one product design? You turn to new and strange patents and hope nobody notices your flagging product line, of course. Motorola has decided that monitoring vital signs via a Bluetooth headset and watch-like device combo and a new iteration of its S9 headset is where it's at. The headset -- and watch? -- will apparently gather data like heart rate, body temperature, and such, zap it to your headset and on to a server for further processing. The S9 seems to be mostly unchanged save for some touch control panels for adjusting volume, answering calls, and wandering through your tunes. Not sure if we'll ever see the first of these in any real world application, but we expect the new MOTOACTV S9 headset will appear at some point.

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