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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending June 8th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Again on this week's Nielsen VideoScan chart courtesy of Home Media Magazine, we get exposed for our inability to make accurate predictions as we stated last week that we expected half of the DVD top 20 to not be available on Blu-ray. With some help from Paramount for the first time ever only five DVD exclusives made the top 20. The interesting thing is that four of those are Paramount titles, with the last being from Sony. This really has us scratching our head as Sony is the last studio we'd expect to still be releasing DVD exclusives. Either way, Blu-ray managed to not drop as much as DVD this week as Semi-Pro toped both charts. But last week's winner wasn't far behind as many Blu-ray owners are not hesitating to pick up Rambo -- we can't say we blame them. Paramount's long awaited titles didn't to too bad either, taking the number four and five spots on the chart and accounting for almost 50 percent of the title's overall sales. Next week we expect both DVD and Blu-ray to be up as Jumper is sure to move the needle, and we'll be waiting to see if it can muster more than 12 percent of the share away from DVD like Rambo did its first week out.

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