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Rogers loves BlackBerry: Pink Curve, OS 4.5, and BlackBerry Bold oh my!


Rogers seems on a roll with it's good friends at RIM as we're seeing a bevy of release news and noteworthy stuff from them recently. Up at bat are the potential launch of the BlackBerry Bold on June 17th, the UMA-enabled Pearl 8120 that ships with OS 4.5, and the BlackBerry Curve in a new, pinker flavor. Pricing on the UMA-enabled 8120 is set at $149 on three years and while it does tout WiFi for the Rogers Home Zone, it won't work to get you on the Internet -- can we get a rousing raspberry for Rogers? The BlackBerry Curve 8310 is unchanged except for its new, softer pink aesthetic and is shipping for $199 if you're up to a 3-year stint on Canada's only GSM network. Not much new on the Bold, though we expect if that launch date is solid, we'll hear more real soon.

[Thanks, Treatz for the lovely pic]

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