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Scientists create "cloak of silence" -- serial killing will never be the same


Someday in the near future, the act of banging on your neighbor's door at 3 am because he won't stop playing I Can't Go For That at obnoxious volumes will be unheard of. Literally. Scientists have demonstrated a "cloak of silence" in the New Journal of Physics which might be used to build homes, concert halls, or aircraft which are impervious to sound waves. The process works by utilizing "sonic crystals," a meta-material made up of arrays of small cylinders which would channel sound around an object like water flowing around a rock. Says creator Dr. Sanchez-Dehesa, "It's not an unrealistic blueprint - it doesn't demand that we do extraordinary things... this is something that can easily be manufactured." Make it soon, please, we can't stand Hall & Oates.

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