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ZOMG! Online survey hints at Blu-ray Xbox 360

Dustin Burg

Because we know you just can't enough Blu-Ray Xbox 360 rumors, we present to you more speculative proof that a Blu-ray equipped 360 is in the works over in Redmond. Or so that's what we speculate ...

Take a look at the screenshot above that was taken from a recent survey that has been making the internet rounds. The survey question simply asks which of the listed products the survey taker currently owns. Simple enough, but do you notice anything that just doesn't look right? No, we aren't talking about the Vornado Vacuum Cleaner (though it does sound suspicious), look one line below that. For whatever reason, this survey lists an Xbox 360 with Blu Ray Disc Player as a survey option. An odd survey choice seeing that a Blu-ray Xbox 360 doesn't eveb exist. Does know something we don't or did they just make a mistake? An even more import question to ask is whether these Blu-ray 360 rumors will ever come to an end.

[Thanks, Malik]

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