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Liveblogging Massively's PlanetSide assault

Michael Zenke

It's a bright summer day, the sun is shining, the grass is green ... and the explosions are deafening. Welcome, regular readers and PlanetSide fans, to Massively's first in-game event. In collaboration with Sony Online Entertainment, for a few hours today the staff of (along with some temporary recruits) are going to attempt to stand our ground against the might of three armies. Like Xerses at Salamis, we'll try to hold against all odds. The forces of the New Conglomerate, the Terran Republic, and the Vanu Sovereignty will all be gunning for us, and we hope you'll join them. Head over to the announcement post for details on how to join us in-game.

This post is your go-to locale for information as the battle progresses. We'll keep you updated with our current position in-game, the status of our wartribe, and insider information on how the battle is going. Click on through for the current state of the war, and we hope to see you on the battlefield!

(all times are EST)

8:10: It's getting late for some folks across the pond and our mousing fingers are losing their ability to click. Thanks for indulging us everyone, good fun all around!

7:54: Everyone's doing a great job of finding us. Nice work, PlanetSide players!

7:49: Nice job, PS players! We're off to other environs ...

7:47: We're still holding the southeast Sobek tower. What's the deal?

7:44: C'mon, Planetside players, we're actually holding this tower!

7:37: Attempting a hack on Sobek, with heavy resistance ...

7:30: Just got swarmed by MAX suits. That was amazing.

7:28: When the players get too thick, the GMs toss meteors at the players. Ouch.

7:21: Skirmishing at Seth and Bastet, much bloodshed. Right now we're working on a regrouping technique.

7:16: Wow. So ... the PlanetSide players seem to be kind of angry and swarmy. Every time we repop we get destroyed.

7:04: So we've all lost our Black Ops flag for the moment; chaos seems to be the order of the day.

6:55: Epic Struggle for Mont!

6:44: Annd we're down again. We did manage to do some damage before we went out, neutralizing a few towers and a base. Solsar hath felt our wrath. Now we're headed ... ?

6:37: Okay, and we're up and running! We're on Solsar heading to ... ? We're all in a truck, with evil in tow.

6:26: Ooops, we broke the world before we could get into the thick of it ... loading ...

6:17: Took some time to get set up, but we're loaded and moving! We're on Solsar! Come find us.

5:50: Putting on our jumpsuits. Loading, please wait ....

5:35: Looks like we'll be getting into our Black jumpsuits very soon now ...

5:29: Now acting as gunner in a Galaxy. How novel.

5:25: Aha! An enemy tower, I'll just .... ow, my spleen!

5:23: And now I'm all alone. One of the dangers of an ever-moving front, getting left behind. Devs should be dropping us to Black Ops soon.

5:18: Just chatting with Van Hemlock, well-known blogger and one of Massively's recruits today.

5:16: Just helped to take out a Red nano-truck. Nice!

5:11: Spoke too soon - we gate to Hossin. Looks like there's some action at the Chac Technology Planet, currently held by Red.

5:09: Looks like we're on Ishunder, looking to cause some trouble. Right now it's all locked by Blue (Vanu is Purple).

5:07: At the moment I'm a Vanu; that'll change soon enough. The other armies have the continents locked down, so the 'Instant Action' button isn't working. I head outside from my Sanctuary spawn point, and hop right into a dropship. Service with a smile!

5:05: Just logging in. My character name is "MichaelZenke". Original, I know.

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