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Take a test, get your Bartle profile

Kyle Horner

Yeah we used that "test" word, but hear us out! These are the fun kinds of tests that you can take in your downtime or at work when you just feel like slacking off -- you know, when the boss isn't looking. These particular tests are for the online gaming and MMO players out there, which makes them especially interesting for us here at Massively. Whether or not you consider personality tests to carry any real weight, this one is easily one of the better tests we've encountered in the worthwhile department. Plus, it has cool little graphical characters at the end of it!

Whether you're a PvPer, PvEer or even an everything-er you'll find out something interesting about yourself from the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology. Even the WAAAGH! blog seemed to be able to relate their scores to what excites them most about EA Mythic's forthcoming Warhammer Online. We're not saying the test will give a definitive answer about what type of player you are, but it does get fairly close. In our case, almost creepily-so.

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