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Survey: Tony Hawk to get board peripheral on 360, PS3; new Spider-Man to use Wii Fit board

Sounds like the peripheral geeks at Activision got bored with plastic instruments and decided that balance boards were the wave of the future. The marketing survey scraping continues, with details on two different Activision franchises using two different board peripherals: an as-yet-unnamed Spider-Man title for Wii will support the Wii Fit balance board while Tony Hawk's Adrenaline will use "a new motion sensing board controller."

What's most notable about the Tony Hawk title: it's only listed for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC ... meaning, no Wii Fit balance board peripheral. Both titles appear to be designed from the ground up for their respective peripherals, with the Spider-Man game wrapping an action title around foot-based controls. Same rules apply for these two games as with everything scraped today: consider it rumor until Activision says otherwise. These could simply be concepts as opposed to actual games under development.

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