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TUAW Best of the Week

Cory Bohon

Welcome to the latest installment of TUAW's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment. This week was definitely big in the eyes of Apple enthusiasts as it was WWDC week. Take a look below to find out what was released and the other big posts of the week.

TUAW Meta-Liveblog of WWDC 08 Keynote
This year we weren't at the keynote, but we did meta-liveblog it. Take a look back at our satirical point of view of the new product releases.

iPhone 2.0 firmware will ship in early July, touch users pay $9.95
Apple announced this week that the next version of the iPhone/iPod touch firmware should ship sometime in early July. Apple also announced many new features that make the iPhone 2.0 firmware something that we are all looking forward to.

MobileMe announced
The long awaited rumors came true and MobileMe was announced. MobileMe will replace the ever aging .Mac service. MobileMe looks to be an exciting new web service that we can expect later this month (or possibly early next month).

iPhone 3G announced
Seems like we were all waiting for Apple to revamp the iPhone into a 3G phone, but what surprised us was the lack of a new front design for the iPhone (however, the back did change to black or white plastic). Apple later posted an ad showing off the newly released phone.

iPhone versus iPod touch pricing: Say what?
Erica tried to tackle a question that was raised this week: with the 8GB iPod touch $100 more than the 8GB iPhone 3G, will iPod touch sales suffer?

iPhone SDK beta 7 is live
Soon after the iPhone Dev Center re-emerged after the WWDC keynote, developer's were blessed with a new version of the iPhone SDK.

iTunes: Free Thursday
Get some free tunes.

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