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Interview: High Voltage devs discuss The Conduit

Ross Miller
Having already secured some nice exclusive screenshots from High Voltage's The Conduit, our friends at Nintendo Wii Fanboy also managed an interview with the developers to talk about the upcoming Wii first-person shooter. A broad range of topics were discussed, so in the interest of keeping your attention, we'll use a bullet-point list:
  • Developers "stole shamelessly from mega-hits" to get the best features from each one. Games cited include Halo, Half-Life, Resistance, Metroid Prime and Goldeneye.
  • The control scheme is fully mappable, and the look sensitivity can be adjusted in-game.
  • Speaking of controls, The Conduit will support Wii remote and nunchuk only. Sorry, no classic or GCN controller compatibility.
  • While the developers would love 60 frames per second, they are shooting for "a steady 30 fps."
  • They avoided addressing the rumor about Nintendo self-publishing. Said Creative Director Matt Corso, "All I will say is that thanks to the explosion of interest in this title, we've had a lot of publishers knocking on our door."
Check out the full interview here. What we're dying to know is if the developer will make an in-game allusion to their previous "classic" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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