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Majesco sales drop in second quarter, re-confirms DS focus

Jason Dobson

Publisher Majesco has returned from the kitchen with a piping hot plate of second quarter results. However, unlike the previous quarter's delectably sweet increases in both sales and profits, the company's second course of financials proved to be much less appetizing. For the period, Majesco announced second quarter sales of $12.8 million, down from last year's $14.6 million as well as the previous quarter's $18.7 million. Much of this decline, admits Majesco, can be blamed on the lack of key releases from company during the period, particularly from cash cows Cooking Mama and Bust-a-Move, both of which were key ingredients in Majesco's success during 2007's second quarter.

However, even with a lighter wallet, the company noted that it expects to report between $53 and $58 million in revenue for fiscal 2008. The company also took the opportunity to blow kisses at Nintendo, confirming that of its upcoming lineup this year some 59 percent will be released for the DS with the remainder "almost entirely" coming to the Wii. Jeeze, guys, get a room.

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