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Today in Joystiq: June 16, 2008

Ross Miller

Albotas' Brownkidd let us know about his new Munny creation. We can't quite put our finger on who it is, though ... Meryl? Otacon? Mk. II? Oh, we give up. Check out the highlights for today:

Happy 4th birthday to Joystiq! (That's like a million in blog years)
Interview: High Voltage devs discuss The Conduit
The Joystiq Free Game Club: Dolphin Olympics 2
Joyswag: Last chance to win a 40GB PS3
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is inexcusably late

Virtual Console gets cut in a Samurai Shodown
New games this week: Spore Creature Creator edition
Block Breaker Deluxe and Fishing Master come to WiiWare
Atlus dissects Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 box art
Happy Tree Friends coming to XBLA next week
Boom Blox a bust at retail, sells only 60k units
EA Sports wants to make your fantasy (football) come true
Sony announces new studio heads for Europe, America
PSP v4.00 update adds ... XMB Googling
Here's the first gameplay footage from Resistance 2
Snaaake? We ask Sony about 'limited-edition' MGS4 80GB PS3 supply
Sony UK: LocoRoco 2 rolling onto PSP 'this year'
D3 to release Shaun the Sheep this Fall, Coraline in early 09
Lack of online contributed to Eight Days cancellation
Majesco sales drop in second quarter, re-confirms DS focus
This Wednesday: 'Elements of Destruction' and 'Sea Life Safari' on XBLA
EA's third deadline in Take-Two takeover passes tonight
New Wii menu update 3.3 nullifies Twilight Princess hack

Rumors & Speculation
Rumors: Xbox 360 at E3 - new 60GB model, pricecut, both?
Rumor: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 wages 'Civil War'
Rumor: Trioxide brings 360, Wii, PS3 games to PC
Rumor: Elite Beat-dev iNiS developing Xbox 360's 'Lips' karaoke game

Culture & Community
Quirks: the 1980 board game equivalent of Spore

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