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Audiovox intros ACA250 wireless DIY back-up camera system

Darren Murph

We'll go ahead and state the obvious here: Audiovox claims this thing is made for DIY installations, but we'd highly recommend hiring a professional if you're totally green at this stuff. You know, considering the immense importance of alignment and the like when it comes to a rear-view back-up camera system. Anyways, the wireless ACA250 kit provides drivers with a color camera (110-degree viewing angle), infrared LEDs for night vision and a monitor that can be plugged into an AC adapter or hard-wired. Not too shabby for $129 -- assuming you're up to the task of putting it all together, that is. Full release after the jump.


Hauppauge N.Y. – June 17, 2008 – Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX). Audiovox has long been an advocate for child safety as evidenced by its support of KIDS AND CARS and its established line of professionally installed collision avoidance and rear observation systems designed to protect children from backover accidents.

The Company has now taken that product to a new level by announcing its 'No Excuses' $129.00 retail, Do-It-Yourself Installation Wireless Color Monitor and Back-Up Camera System, Model ACA250. Tom Malone, President of Audiovox Electronics Corporation, stated, "This new product is just what we are calling "No Excuses." By removing the need for professional installation and bringing the retail down to an affordable price there is simply no excuse for any SUV, truck or car owner to not have this important accessory on their vehicle."

Malone continued, "We didn't skimp on the features to make the price affordable. This system has one of the widest viewing angles on the market. At 110 degrees our color camera easily beats the competition's 72 or 90 degree models. Exclusive infrared LEDs give the camera 'night vision' making the view significantly clearer even in complete darkness."

Metal brackets as well as a full metal camera housing provide maximum durability. The wide-angle view completely eliminates the need for up and down manual adjustment and the IP66-rated camera means it is designed for even more extreme yet everyday conditions like "car wash" water pressure and is completely dust-proof. Installation is a snap as the camera is powered from the back-up lamp. The monitor plugs into the AC adapter or can be hard-wired.

"For years we have supported KIDS AND CARS and their commitment to the Kids Transportation Safety Act of 2007. Between now and the time that the newly passed law mandating back-up sensors takes effect, we want to make sure that no more children die in these senseless accidents. We have the products today, they are easy to install and are affordable so there are simply no excuses," Malone concluded.

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