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EA extends Take-Two offer to July 18

Justin McElroy


Lloyd Dobler - EA
Diane Court - Take-Two
DIANE: Just go home, Lloyd!
LLOYD: I can't! I've been standing out here with this boom box over my head since March 13!
DIANE: And you look ridiculous. The batteries died in mid-April, which is ironically when you first told me you would give up if I didn't come out.
LLOYD: Right, but then--
DIANE: Oh, I remember Lloyd. Then you said "I'm only going to wait out here until April 18th, then I'm gone!" and then, do you remember what happened on April 18th Lloyd?
LLOYD: ... I told you I was only going to wait until May 16, then I was gone ...
DIANE: Right, and on May 16?
LLOYD: ... I told you June 16.
DIANE: Exactly. Well, Lloyd, that was last night, so what are you still doing here?
LLOYD: OK, I've thought this through, and I'm only going to give you until July 18 and then --
DIANE: Let me guess, you're gone.
LLOYD: ...Yeah.
DIANE: [slams window]
LLOYD: Hey, can you bring me out some ice for my arms?

[Update: Diane just responded, and she still ain't coming out.]

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