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Gears of War movie snags director Wiseman

Dustin Burg

Progress is being made on the Gears of War movie (which is something we can't say about our long desired Halo movie) as evident by the fact that the New Line Cinema business execs in charge of bringing Marcus Fenix to the big screen have settled on a director for the film.

Variety is reporting that Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld Evolution director Len Wiseman will be taking the Gears of War movie reins. Which isn't really a huge surprise seeing that Gears of War had a cameo in Wiseman's latest flick Live Free or Die Hard which all but confirmed his involvement in the Gears movie ... or at least that's how our impressionably hopeful fanboy minds took it. A Gears movie that was originally slated or a Summer 2009 release, but development on the film has been taking longer than expected which means a delay into 2010 is inevitable. Also, is it just us or does it look like Wiseman is giving the old Bleszinski a run for his "pretty boy" money? Eh?

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