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Get back at Carnival folk by scoring free stuff

Phil Larsen

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! You there, the big winner with the pretty lady! How about taking a shot at our fantastic Take-Em-Out game -- where everybody wins! The rules are simple -- grab your wallet, skillfully dig deep and take out $40! Hand it over to the smiling gentleman, and you have scored a great prize for your girlfriend! It's true, Take-Em-Out is the easiest way to have fun!

If there wasn't any reason to pick up Carnival Games before, is the promise of a free t-shirt going to tip the scales in Wal-Mart's favor? Well, probably - Carnival Games is one popular piece of software, free T-shirt or not. If you buy (and wear) this, hundreds of Wii owners are sure to point and nod approvingly. Best of all, there's even more opportunities on the horizon to become popular with the Carnies.

[Via GoNintendo]

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