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New Wii update spells the end for Freeloader [Update 1]


Turns out the Twilight Hack wasn't the only casualty of the latest Wii Menu Update. Import gamers everywhere are turning on their Wiis to find that the Freeloader disc they purchased to play (for example) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (remember that?) on their PAL Wiis is also rendered useless by the update. Slotting the Freeloader disc into a Wii now results in a message telling you that:

1. An error has occurred.
2. You'll need to eject the disc and turn off your Wii, please.
3. Your worth as a human being is infinitesimal at best. Why do you even bother going on?

So there you go, folks -- say goodbye to playing imports early, and hello to waiting for big-name releases that already appeared elsewhere months ago.

[Update: Corrected "infinitesimally small"]

[Via videogaming247]

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