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NuTouch offers up finger-friendly 7-inch digital photo frame

Darren Murph

If you're not snoozin' by the end of this one, clearly you haven't been paying attention to just how many humdrum digiframes have been pumped out over the past six months or so. Nevertheless, NuTouch's 7-inch Touch Frame does manage to stand out somewhat in the legions of mediocre alternatives, as the sleek, glossy black frame gets complemented with an array of touch-sensitive controls, built-in stereo speakers and integrated MP3 player. The panel packs a 800 x 480 resolution, and furthermore, you'll find 128MB of storage, a multicard reader, internal battery, clock / calendar functions and USB connectivity. Still, we can't help but balk at the £139 ($273) price tag -- then again, we are dealing with the declining-by-the-second greenback here.

[Via GeekAlerts]

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