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Sealed-deck tournament marks Oathbreaker's release this weekend

William Dobson

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The Oathbreaker set will be added to the growing Legends of Norrath library this weekend, and the EQ2Players website has announced that a special tournament will take place to celebrate the release. The format is sealed-deck, and participants will receive an Oathbreaker starter deck and three booster packs with which to create their arsenal for the tournament.

Shelling out the 20 Entry Pass fee will not only get you all those Oathbreaker packs -- you'll also receive this fiery fellow, the Phoenix Firesurger, which is an exclusive promotional card. Then, depending on how you place in the tournament, you'll get even more booster packs. This digital-dueling extravaganza will commence at 5PM PDT on the 20th of June -- get the full details at the LoN Events Calendar. Also, be sure to see our coverage of all the loot cards that this new set will open up this weekend.

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