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Sega: leaked 'Crucible' video not our Silicon Knights game


Sega has swiftly denied the assumed identity of a leaked video thought to be the publisher's Silicon Knights collaboration, possibly titled, The Crucible: Evil Within. "That video is not the game that Silicon Knights is creating for us," Sega's Steve Groll told MTV Multiplayer. "I can't reveal any info about the game we currently have in development, but I can tell you that it is not titled The Crucible."

It's worth noting that Sega owns a software trademark (filed April 2007) for "The Crucible: Evil Within," which has been rumored to be the title of a Silicon Knights' horror game, previously known as "The Box" and in development for several years. In December 2006, Sega issued a survey describing an action-horror game involving an "ancient chest." Recipients were asked to choose a title from the list: The Box, The Gift, The Sacrament, or Crucible.

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