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Sony Ericsson reveals J132 / K330 entry-level candybars

Darren Murph

Just when you thought Sony's barrage of new kit from CommunicAsia was finally slowing up, along comes another pair of handsets to prove us all wrong. First up is the simplistic J132, designed to do little more than talk, text, resist dust and tune into FM radio stations. Still, the 9-hours of talk time (450 in standby) is much appreciated. The K330 steps it up by including Bluetooth and a video capture mode, not to mention the 1.7-inch display, VGA camera and Health mate application. The J132 will be available in Night Black and Heaven Blue for "select markets" in Q4, while the K330 arrives in Gold on Black / Green on Black a quarter earlier. Keep an eye out for the J132a and K330a, both of which support GSM 850 / 1900 bands for the US market.

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