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Today in Joystiq: June 17, 2008

Ross Miller

Man, if peopled freaked out over their 8.8 Twilight Princess score, imagine what's going to happen when the internet catches wind of Metal Gear Solid 4's 0.0. (Note: The above did happen, but it was just a technical glitch. Please don't stick a stun knife in either us or Gamespot.) Check out the highlights for today:

A week with Spore Creature Creator: Day One
BigDownload offering big prizes to see your Spore creatures
Joyswag: Win a Kojima-signed copy of MGS4
Meet the Team: Kevin Kelly
Podcast Rodeo for June 17: ... And Ear Back
The best of WoW Insider: June 10-17, 2008

Championship Gaming Series coming to G4
Wii Move to do "something" with the Wii Balance Board
Team Fortress 2 Pyro update coming Thursday
EA extends Take-Two offer to July 18
Crytek shows interest in PSP development
Underworld's Len Wiseman set to helm Gears of War movie
MGS4 sells 476K units first week in Japan; UK PS3 sales impact 'minimal'
Spore Creature Creator demo available now on PC and Mac
Nintendo promises 'core' gamers will be happy with E3 showing
All Tecmo employees sue Tecmo
Sega: leaked 'Crucible' video not our Silicon Knights game
Marathon 2 map pack thrown up on Wednesday
First Call of Duty: World at War trailer to roll onto XBL
Reminder: Preorder Hail to the Chimp, get $10 of Onion Store credit
Stardock launches Impulse digital distribution system
Boom Blox sales: EA content, analysts less upbeat
PS3 2.40 update includes in-game XMB, trophies
Sims Carnival is now in open beta
Force your older Mac to evolve and run Spore Creatore Creator
Screamshots: Dead Space
PS3 firmware v2.36 available now

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Heavenly Sword 2 cancelled; Ninja Theory 'bitter' with Sony

Culture & Community
Bodysurf: Where the Wii Balance Board meets Audiosurf
Boom, headshot! Meet the Team Fortress 2 Sniper

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