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Wurm Online releases rockin' trailer

Shawn Schuster

Last month we reported on a contest thrown by the developers of Wurm Online regarding lyrics needed for the racial theme songs. If that competition didn't quench your inner bard, head on over to their main site and check out the game's new trailer just released this weekend. It shows off some of the features in the game including grouping, building, fighting monsters and generally lots and lots of landscape panning. Plus, you'll have that theme song in your head the rest of the day, whether you want to or not.


Despite the release of this trailer now, the game has actually been around for awhile. Earlier this month they celebrated their two-year anniversary. This feat is highlighted by the fact that it is basically run by one person and a team of global volunteers. Their funding comes almost entirely from premium subscribers (there is an option to play for free), but their low overhead has helped the game thrive for this long.

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