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Happy birthday to baby Jaina

Mike Schramm

We'd like to officially welcome baby Jaina into the world -- born at 12:35am yesterday, Jaina Tiffany Bauer and mom Tiffany are both doing just fine. Dad Tim, who plays on Perenolde, sent us a note to say that he'd joked about naming the baby after the Lady of Theramore, but the name stuck during pregnancy, and now she's Admiral Proudmoore's daughter's namesake for life (as long as you don't name the baby Thrall). Very awesome, and very cute kid. Congrats to mom and dad both.

Tim also jokes that she gets cold already, so he speculates that she's already grabbed Icy Veins, 11 points into the Frost tree. We'd like to know just how soon she can be leveling her Mage in-game -- after all, Jaina is supposed to be there to help us out against Arthas. Level 80 waits for no one (or baby, as the case may be).

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