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Space race: Nintendo working on Wii storage 'solution'


Nintendo Europe senior marketing director Laurent Fischer has pulled an about-face. His comments last week hurt the feelings of "geeky" Wii owners seeking more space for their WiiWare and Virtual Console downloads. Fischer now tells that the console maker is "perfectly aware of the issue" and is "working on a solution" that won't involve any add-on hardware (i.e. a hard disk or USB device).

Not being privvy to every last internal working of the Wii, we can only speculate that Nintendo is concocting a method – perhaps via a firmware update – for allowing downloaded games to be played directly from an SD card (much like we'd hoped for when the console first went on sale). There may be a chance this "solution" gets revealed at E3, depending on just how long Nintendo's tech heads (dare we say geeks?) have been working on it.

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