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Spector: 100-hour games are out


Junction Point's Warren Spector, best known for Deus Ex, spoke last week at the Game Education Summit in Dallas and expressed his belief that 100-hour games are on the way out. Gamasutra reports Spector expressed being tired of making games about "guys in black leather carrying guns," and that expectations for titles costing between $35 - 100 million are huge. He also pondered how many people actually finished GTA, noting a desire that players see the last level if he was going to spend $100 million on a game.

Not that he thinks going casual is the answer. He fears that the casual field is now "really crowded" and that competition, despite being in a considerably cheaper development field, is just as tough. The point Spector made is that it all comes down to a company differentiating itself from the pack. On that note, we'll hopefully hear soon -- like during E3 -- how Spector's Disney-owned studio, Junction Point, plans on doing just that.

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